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Cinema North

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Cinema North was formed on spring 2011 at the upper Galilee, and represents film makers of all genres who live and work at the Israeli northern region.

Our mission is to create artistic leadership that will lead the region to develop a distinctive cinema that reflects northern Israel and its diverse communities, population and landscapes. We attempt to start a dialogue between Israelis of different cultures, religions and beliefs, and use the art of filmmaking as a means to support and consolidate the local communities and identities.

The Filmmakers Forum in the north, is working together with local and national affiliates towards advancing films and filmmakers from northern Israel by broadening local employment opportunities in this field, raising funds and developing resources to encourage local filmmakers and expose them to the rest of the world.

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Hebrew & English listings of northern Israel professionals by categories. 

For further inquiries please contact Sara +972-52-2998686


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Ayelet Hashahar 12-20000



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